Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Brace Yourself; Winter is Coming & The Best Magazines for Women.

The best feeling ever: hitting the sack on Friday night, knowing full well that it’s Saturday morning the next day, and you can sleep in as much as you bloody well please.

Well, unless you’re me, and you have work at 11am.. which really isn’t that early, but after my intense (or “in tents, like camping!” as Tom would say in dad-joke-like fashion) exhausting day yesterday, I woke up at 9.20am, feeling like I’d been hit by a bus- a heavy one- and then kept setting the alarm at 15 minute increments until I absolutely had to drag my butt out of bed.I needed that sleep-in more than anything, and it was glorious!

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow morning So hey there weekend, you sneaky bugger, we’ve been looking for you since Monday! Or Sunday night, if you’re me…  (source for both)I’m going to go all out and admit right now that I actually don’t have any plans this weekend.. I worked today and tomorrow, I’ve got another sleep-in on the agenda, and definitely get to the pool/gym for a good workout, but not before stopping bye The Running Shop - my fave outlet for all kinds of fitness gear. since I didn’t get one today or Friday (busy busy!), I’m craving a good session!

Hit me with the endorphins I just realised that I really do have many a grandma tendencies… in bed by 10.30pm most nights, don’t always have my weekends booked up with hardcore parties/booze sesh’s, my profound love for onesies (what, who said that?!)

But I’m more than happy to take a relaxing weekend, because hey, we need them every now and again just to recharge and re-energize, ready for the week ahead.

Now, I want to address a very serious addiction I have…magazines.I can never be unhappy with a good mag in hand, maybe a hot, steamy coffee on the side… in my eyes, there’s absolutely no better remedy for the following: heartbreak, stress, sickness, exhaustion, sadness… anytime you’re feeling just generally crappy, it’s nothing a good magazine can’t fix!So figure out what’s stressing you out, or upsetting you lately, and use this as a (very legitimate, mind you) excuse to hit up your local newsagent, and buy a minimum of 5 magazines- promise you or your wallet won’t regret it, even if you end up spending all your money and reading said magazines on the side of the road as you couldn’t pay rent.

It’s okay, as long as you’ve got the latest Cleo, life’s good. I wanted to let you guys in on my little (ha, wrong choice of words?!) magazine collection, and the ones I either have a subscription to, or buy every month without fail!Women’s Health:(source)This is definitely, easily, one of my favourites. I’ve got a monthly subscription to this beauty, and you should see how much my eyes light up when I open my mailbox, only to find a shiny, new Women’s Health waiting to be read from cover to cover!This mag is a must-have for women who exercise regularly, love cooking and are interested in nutrition, and are generally passionate about healthy living!It provides fantastic workouts and recipes, as well as the latest in health, exercise and nutrition science.So I like to think this keeps me up to date on the current affairs, and it makes me a fabulous journalist Everything is specific for females, so you know it’s the good stuff, and is a little bedside buddy that will help you be the best, healthiest version of you!

Cleo:I love Cleo, as I feel it’s probably the most genuine and relatable magazine; it doesn’t try to be showy or over-the-top, and caters perfectly for it’s audience of real young women. It covers a crazy range of topic areas; offering great tips on things like fashion, beauty, the male species (because we all know just how confusing they can be!), and always has a focus lady-celeb. What I love about the celebrities they choose, is that they’re all really down to earth, genuine, positive women, that are strong and successful, that haven’t let fame go straight to their perfectly-groomed head. That’s what we all like to see, it’s so refreshing!Cleo is where I love to find lots of ah-mazing fashion buys, tips on the upcoming trends; and the hair and beauty tips are so good.Definitely recommend this one!Women’s Fitness:(source)Women’s Fitness is the new kid on the block in the Aussie magazine scene, but let me tell you, it’s definitely made a splash!So far, there’s only been about 5 or so issues, but I’ve fallen madly in love with this baby.

The unique thing about Women’s Fitness, is that unlike other fitness magazines, it doesn’t assume we’re all prepping to compete in a bodybuilding competition (and hence throws all these crazy protein powder concoctions in our faces), it doesn’t assume we all have a spare 3 hours a day to pump it up in the gym, and that we aren’t all spitting images of Miranda Kerr or Jennifer Hawkins.It recognises that we’re all regular (read: not fitness or fashion models with the money to hire a bajillion personal trainers!) women who have busy lives balancing work, family, friends… but also love to hit the gym when we can, and stay as healthy as possible.On one of its Summer editions, there was a motto reading, “beach trips, not guilty trips!”, meaning fun, fulfilling days are much more important in life than stressing about what we eat or how much we exercise, or our bodies- it’s so much more essential to be happy, healthy and content!

This magazines preaches this.It’s full of realistic workout and cooking ideas, as well as fun articles about what’s current right now, and interviews with (like Cleo) really genuine, down-to-earth girls, like surfers, actresses, etc.Frankie:(source)Frankie is completely different to all my other fave magazines, and has nothing to do with fitness or healthy living; and everything to do with quirky, cool, fun little things in life.Frankie is a bit alternative, and dare I say it- a tad hipster, but it’s just so unique and quirky, I love it.It always has fun little articles and stories from famous comedians or writers, as well as really random, but awesome stuff, like a story about a lady who collects moustache themed things, or another lady who’s knitted her way across the world.Just things like that, that make you think, “what the heck just happened? …But, I kinda wanna read more.”Another thing is, I also buy Frankie for the gorgeous photography and images throughout, even the ads are amazing!In every issue, there’s a little directory at the front that reveals a whole heap of cute little boutique stores and cafes around Australia, two of my favourite things, possibly ever.

Definitely get yourself a Frankie mag for something a bit different and eclectic!So there ya go, this is where half my pay goes every month.Disclaimer: I don’t intend to promote blowing all your cash on magazines, but if this happens to occur for you, I cannot be held responsible.

After work today, I had a bit of a sticky beak around at all the fabulous shops that I can’t afford anything at.I have no idea why I torture myself so, it’s a bit sadistic really…But I experienced an awesome sighting (god, I sound like a bird watcher or something, don’t mind me)…As we’re coming into Autumn here in Australia, all the stores are whipping out their best, drool-worthy items yet:Cosy, oversized, knitted jumpers.Everywhere.I was in heaven… which quickly dissolved into hell, as I discovered I had no money for said fabulous jumpers.I am such a sucker for them, honestly! And just quietly, it’s one of the main reasons I love winter…Well, that, and coffee and stormy movie days cuddled up, with someone I love preferably.

Bring on the chilly months, I say! So keen!What’s your favourite magazine, and why?What season do you love?What’s one item of clothing that just makes you weak at the knees, kinda like my oversized, knitted jumper situation?!Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies!

Kloe x

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